Ode To Hip Hop: Stop the Lying Negroes!

It would take a deaf, dumb and blind individual, to be unaware of the fact that 98.2% of the rappers in the co-operatized Hip-Hop Industry are fabrications and frauds. Therefore, Mr. William “Rick Ross” Roberts’s recent fiasco should be all but an expected outcome. As one who cherishes the core and essence of Hip-Hop culture, it is a disgrace to accept the reality, that hundreds of thousands and even millions of young Black/Brown kids are intentionally misled by these pathetic studio-gangsters. It is my hope, that the present generation of Hip-Hop consumers would recognize this truth, and put an end to their gullibility. Oh… and one last thing to Mr. Ross; it’s over n–ga, take it like a man:


Posted By T O to yourblackhiphop at 7/28/2008 02:24:00 PM

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