YourBlackWorld: Rick Ross Gets Real Talk from Rappers

Fabolous “I don’t know if it will really hurt him.As an artist, I think Rick Ross makes great music. He’s always shown me love and respect whenever I met him. Everybody has a past. I don’t know if [being a prison guard] is his past or not. That’s not my place to say. I think if he continues to do what he does, sweep all that garbage under the rug — you know what? That’s success. That’s success taking a shot back at him. All of a sudden past pictures come up. He should just keep doing what he do.”

Fat Joe “He’s a great dude. He’s my friend,” Joe said. “We’ll just wait to see what [else] he has to say about it.”

“I think real n—as won’t think so,” the Clipse’s Malice said a couple of days ago in New York when asked if this episode will hurt Ross’ credibility. “That don’t mean what he’s talking about [in his rhymes] ain’t true. The thing I wish is he came clean, if in fact that is him [in the photos]. ‘Cause you ain’t gotta make no excuses for whatever you did. You might have thought differently at one point in time. I don’t think that should discredit that man.”

Posted By AutumnJones to yourblackhiphop at 7/28/2008 08:05:00 AM

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