Black Writer Asks: Is Drake Just Stupid?


By Casey Gane-McCalla July 8, 2009 3:49 pm

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Dear Drake,

Congratulations on signing a deal with Universal, but I’m not sure why you signed a deal with a label when you had the number 3 song on iTunes. You’re a talented guy who can write, sing, rap and have already had an acting career but I think you are starting things off on the wrong foot.

One thing I don’t understand is why you signed to Lil Wayne’s label. Lil Wayne is a prescription cough syrup-drinking, Blood gang-promoting, weapon-packing, pseudo gangsta rapper. While Wayne was brought up in one of the roughest projects in America and taken in by an ex con who brought him into the rap world, you were brought up in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Toronto, Canada by a wealthy Jewish woman and went to a prestigious private school. While Lil Wayne might have to use that tired “blame it on my environment excuse” to justify his violent and misogynist lyrics, you can’t say the same thing.

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