Dr. Boyce: A Quick and Powerful Example of the Psychological Power of Violent Hip-Hop Music

I received this email from a YBW member who’d read my article about BET’s acceleration and mass marketing of self-destructive imagery to the black community.  I think the story is a compelling example of how hip-hop can impact the minds of so many of our kids…I’ve personally seen this kind of thing myself – here is an excerpt of the man’s email, with names removed of course:


I remember my dear friend ******making an observation about an acquaintance from *******pistol whipping the mother of a friend and how ****, himself, had picked on him in middle school.  How the guy, who was only in his teens then, had only changed or "gotten bout-it" recently.  He literally alluded to the concept of the kid listening to a Master P album and trying to act it out, leading another friend at the table to directly quote C-Murder’s line in No Limit Soldiers of "-transforming wimpy-ass niggas into killas".

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