Fat Joe Believes Hip Hop Run by “Gay Mafia”

Rapper Fat Joe might be called “Smokin Joe” after his recent comments.  In an interview on Vlad TV, Joe said that he believes that hip hop is being run by a gay mafia.

“The hip-hop community is most likely owned by gay, to be honest with you. They’re owned by gay—I happen to think that there’s a gay mafia."

Joe says that rappers themselves aren’t gay, but that they are being controlled by gay men who run the industry.  He mentions heads of magazines, and program directors at radio stations as the culprits.

Joe says he’s worked with rappers who are secretly gay and advocates that they come out.  

  1. Joe I think you are so right. look at the news media, TV, any type of new communication

    • Anonymous
    • November 16th, 2011

    its not that gays run the rap game, it’s that they usually, Invest their money wisely and are organized.
    Simply put their are good business people

    • mjizak
    • November 22nd, 2011

    Joe hit the nail on the head, straight people are now the minority, just like sane people, morally sound people, true God fearing people ect. The world has become worse than Sodam & Gomorrah & the sad part is people think this crap is ok, gays actually run the entire entertainment buisness & the world & the masses support this industry & its sickening. Come Lord Jesus PLEASE Come!

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