Police Secure Arrest Warrant for Slim Dunkin’s Alleged Killer

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Drake Wants to F*ck Up the Artist Who Put This Tattoo on a Woman’s Head


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Unbelievable Buffoonery During the Air Jordan Release: We need to do better


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Man Dies After Eating Cocaine to Help His Older Brother Stay Out of Jail

brotherly love

Jay-Z’s New Jersey Nets Partner Announces that He’s Running for President

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Sara Bartman: The Original Video Vixen – How We Learned to Objectify Black Women

sara bartman is the original video vixen

You ever wonder where the concept of the video vixen comes from?  This video about Sara Bartman, the original video vixen, reminds us of the tradition of objectifying black women and their bodies.

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Amazing: 2-Year Old Boy Raps With His Daddy


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